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Baby Shower Cake Pop Bouquet

3 Aug

August 3rd, 2011

My friend requested cake pops for a baby shower event at her work. Since it was a joint baby shower for a girl and boy, I made a bouquet of pink and blue cake pops. She chose red velvet and lemon flavored cakes with pink and blue coating. I ended up really like the two colors together!

Arranged Cake Pop Bouquet: 15 red velvet (pink) and 15 lemon (blue)

R+K’s Baby Shower

17 Jul

July 17th, 2011

My friends Rey and Kate had their baby shower this past weekend and I was super excited when they asked me to make cupcakes for their event. I found cute little onsies and baby bottle cutters and decided to use them as the theme.  They are expecting a girl, so I went with a girl color scheme for the fondant toppers and made red velvet, chocolate, and peppermint chocolate cupcakes.

It’s A Girl!

Rey + Kate’s Baby Shower, 7-16-11

Baby Bottle Chocolate Cupcakes
Baby Onsie Red Velvet Cupcakes

Rey is also a big fan of Spiderman, so as an extra, I made Spiderman cake pops with a lemon flavored cake. I was worried that the pops didn’t look like Spiderman, but most people were able to recognize and relate them to the actual character. What do you think?

The cute baby shower invitation.

Spiderman Cake Pop Bouquet

Cake Pops

25 Nov

November 25th, 2010

I got into making cake pops for the holiday season last year, and they were hit among the parties I took them to. I did an extensive amount of research, watched a bunch of Youtube videos and even bought Bakerella’s book. I made a good variety of cake pops, including carrot cake, chocolate, and vanilla.

Work held the first ever fundraiser bakesale competition at the beginning of December 2010. I entered, not thinking I would even have a chance of winning. Among a group of 20 or so other bakers, I ended up winning first place for my cake pops and won a $100 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma! I was quite proud and happy!

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